Done-With-You Service Scheduling

Done-With-You Services include expert CRM time to design emails or landing pages, build funnels or online courses, automate workflows, import and segment contacts, and more to effectively leverage the Work Smarter CRM in your business.

You are scheduling when the work will be completed, which means the content and images must be provided prior to the start time. See the How We Work Agreement for details on cancellation and late content.

Please select your Work Smarter CRM subscription. If you'd like to upgrade your subscription, please email

If you are on a Done With You or We've Got You subscription, please select this option. Services costs are included in your subscription.

If you are on a Do-It-Yourself subscription, please select this option. The service projects require payment to schedule.

To schedule an automation strategy session click here, this is for both pay-as-you go and subscription.